🚨Best Crypto Investing Strategy For Beginners – Vauld AIP Investing Strategy in Crypto

Automate your Crypto Investments with #Vauld : or use code: “bhindiarmy” Get my course on Blockchain & Bitcoin Fundamentals on …


  1. Feedback – It would be pretty helpful for us the majority of investors as youngsters with not much of money that, ' If buy the dip amount could bring down ' this will make investing very interesting.

  2. Shivam bhaiyya I downloaded vauld before diwali but sign up karna reh gaya tha…aaj aapka ye video dekha so maine uninstall kardiya ..ab aapke link se jake vapas install karunga…this is only because I think you are the most genuine crypto YouTuber in India….just love your content ..you promote only fundamentally good things…also i wanted to ask a question my father has many FD's at 7-7.5% interest rate….his Fd's are big 15-20 lakh…so can I invest 5 lakh of it in tether's fd…will it be good?

  3. One More thing… big clapping s for you… Generally you tubers don't reply when their audience increases.. But you are unique.. Keep it always πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. Sir AIP of Vauld is looking somewhat similar of SIP of BitBns which u showed us few months back which was also Automatic. So, in which exchange we should go for πŸ˜…

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