🚨BIG WARNING ON BITCOIN TRADES !!!!!! (Shorting $btc)

This is a big warning for all Bitcoin trades. I short BTC. Magic Craft $1000 USDT giveaway: …


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  2. Cryptocurrency prices are notoriously volatile and it might be too early to tell whether the latest dip marks the start of a reversal of the 2021 bull market, or if it is just a correction on the way to new all time highs.

  3. Can anyone explain to me why these futures contracts have such a huge impact on the market? Because as I understand it, these future traders basically adhere to guidelines and place bets on the rise or fall of the market. You don't buy or sell real bitcoin, so you have no influence. Am I wrong?

  4. Who do you think owns most and probably invented Bitcoin. At their height in 2018, China's bitcoin prospectors accounted for 74% of the world's bitcoin production. How sincere is this ban on bitcoin , where has China sent their miners… who ever rules Bitcoin, rules the world.

  5. Dubai looks like a horrid synthetic place. I guess utubers are there to avoid tax mostly. I think well get a mega sell off at some point like a 20% spike out longs…blah blah..

  6. James you are contradicting yourself. You longed btc at 47500 yesterday and now you saying you said you warned everyone. It's like you warn people but then you buy.. does it make sense

  7. Can you explain the cons of “5x,20x leveraging ?” … you mentioned you’re only risking 200ish dollars to make $1000.

    If this is the case why doesn’t everyone “leverage”?


  8. I get confused watching your content sometimes. Every other post is buy or sell.. sometimes you contradict yourself the same day… I've been shorting Bitcoin for a couple weeks now. When volume and strength come back I will close my short

  9. James again top analysis. But I think, like last week when you said H&S was forming this is very similar where chances of it playing out are less likely because formation isn’t 100% true to a typical H&S. RHS shoulder has gone higher than the LHS market isn’t showing the weakness of a typical H&S formation. Let’s see. Hope you are well otherwise…. Hamilton got screwed yesterday 😞.

  10. Monday is the day of false moves on Bitcoin. I think mid week we will move up. Bitcoin has a lot of manipulation right now so I wouldn’t be surprised if the whale/market makers trick people with the head and shoulders. Then they do the opposite.

  11. 01:15 basically true but dont forget the small acounts Bro! If i send u 100usdt i pay like 15 for fee. 😅👌🏽 edit: on erc-20 of course but thats the usdt u want to receive

  12. Bitcoin and most other coins have an Achilles Heel… Quantum Technology, it threatens everything about how blockchain works. Apparently, ADA is the only tech that is working on Quantum protection. Pay attention over the next 2 years.

    Thanks for content

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