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  14. Could you do a walkthrough of how to use trading signals, as in a point and click walkthrough? it would be good to see it in action so we have an idea of the amount of time it takes out of our day. Ive seen a few videos of the features, but not a complete walkthrough.

  15. Hi! Great video, thanks. I can now see the indicator in my „favorite indicators“ but after selecting it won‘t be displayed on the chart. It mentions „Study Error – Study_not_auth“. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

  16. @moocharoo Ben – how does the bot and signal do in bear and sideways market?

    Does the bot have to be stopped during a bear market? Of course it's always easier to get gains during a bull market.

    Mind sharing a bit more? Thanks

  17. Ben, for buying its clear. I check each day in Open Trades table whats new, BUT for selling, its not clear which amount to sell because e.g. ZIL was sold 3 times (on 23FEB twice and once on 22FEB). But after sell its out of Open Trades table and then only visible in Closed Trades table. But in Closed Trades table there are no amounts (LOTs). So how to know the sell amount? Or do I have to watch for the LEFT amount in Open Trade table?

  18. thank you very much for your tutorial much appreciated. I have a question that has been really bugging me. I need some help. I have just started learning about crypto. I wanted to trade on the ADToken / BTC market and maybe some other similar ones. I am useing bittrex. I changed usd to btc, i started with 0.0005 btc. I then observed the market value of ADToken/BTC. at 0.00000002 btc. when the market value fell to 0.00000001 i went to buy but when i chedked the buy rate was 0.00000002 btc instead of the 0.00000001 btc market value showing on the graph. likewise when the value went up to 0.00000002 again, i notied when i went to sell, the sell value was only allowing me to sell at 0.00000001 . can anyone help. i cannot find the answer to this anywhere.

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