Today with Crypto Jebb, You will learn how to trade cryptocurrency for beginners with these 3 skills that expert traders rely on.


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  10. Can someone explain why multiple attempts to enter with a set stop-loss limit never took, but my standard limit buys executed just fine? Is this a known issue with some exchanges?

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  13. As good as these videos are, they only scratch the surface of the crypto realm. The CT2A series is so very well done. I am new to the crypto game and only took it up as hobby in August 2020 to combat boredom, make a little money and most importantly, learn something. I am not a 'day trader' but am in for the long haul; however, it may become my hobby upon retirement. Jebb is the real deal. He is forthright, professional and willing to share his acumen and experience. Kudos to him and his team!

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  15. Can't know how I bumped onto this. All in all Damn good clip 🙌🙌. I also watched those similar from mStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys create these stuff. MSTAR TUTORIALS also had amazing info about similiar money making things on his channel.

  16. It’s crazy to me how so many people in telegram groups have NO knowledge on technicals! None at all. They must have not been here for the bear market lol

    And please don’t take this as hate, but as friendly criticism. I think you are overproducing and diversifying your content in a way that is detrimental to your channel. There shouldn’t be a reason that you were getting more views during the bear market. Your previous simplicity is the reason that we came to you. People who had no knowledge in the market finally had a channel that was only technicals and nothing more. No flashy lights, no crazy agenda, etc. Only technicals that were dumbed down so any novice had the chance to grasp a concept that is SO hard to grasp after just a few episodes, while also providing updates to those who learned through watching your channel. As a content creator I understand that you most likely got bored and wanted to diversify. You were also probably camera shy, and as soon as you bought the camera and put your face out there, you felt like you wanted to transform everything as quickly as possible. However, in the process of doing so, you left your small pond and jumped into a big pond where every fish looks the same. I know it sounds counter intuitive to you to downgrade your personal idea of quality, but just think about this. While you may have grown as a trader and content creator, most of your current and future viewers haven’t. If we wanted to watch a video to entertain us. I’m sure that we all have 10+ comedy/gaming YouTube channels to do that. We are here to make money. I came to you every time you uploaded for years. You provided updates that truly mattered to me and to all of my friends, ones that I told them about you. Now, this is one of just a few videos I’ve seen for a very long time and they’ve all left as well. Not because you’ve changed as a person, but because you’ve changed your channel to be just like every other channel that I see whenever I look up “Bitcoin”.

    Again, not hate. It’s not my channel. But I have no doubt in my mind that if you went the way of doing daily Bitcoin technicals with alt coin technicals at the end with recommendations being encouraged in the comments, you would be getting 20k+ viewers every video. Just experiment for us OGs! Just one video of no lights, no camera, just technicals 🙂

  17. I mean this in the most honest way possible Jebb and crew. You all are easily my favorite crypto-tubers. No only with the layers of transparency y'all provide, but how y'all hold yourselves up to a standard. Everyone is so awesome. Keep up the fantastic work and y'all will blow up even further for sure <3 Also, Non Crypto Tim will always be my president.

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