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  1. Just invested today for the first time. So glad I saw your video though.. it helped me understand what is happening in the crypto world a little better. Also gave me hope because I’m also in it for the long run.
    Happy investing!

  2. Here is my argument. The lie has been popped. The lie was that Bitcoin was a store of value and would go up up up. The truth. Whales control the up and downs and use ordinary investors to make gains. Now the normal investors know it is totally being manipulated AND there are no protection for them to stop whales from doing this. Once realized the ordinary investor realizes gold is far more stable and when it all comes crashing down nobody will sink money into BTC.


    WAIT A MONTH or until it shows signs of reversing up. If you buy now the next month will be losses and then another month you'll get back to 0. So invest now and lock your money up for 2 months.

  3. Long term does win πŸ†. Just took advantage of these dips and got into Fantom because it finally dipped to where I felt comfortable buying it. Let's goooooo!!! Great video brother πŸ‘

  4. I bought Miners just for the reflections but then I realized what an amazing project they are building, the new rebranded Miners Defi looks sick, officially launching today, I have a feeling the only way this can go is up even with the market being in the dumps.

  5. The second pump of BTC was 100% stimulus checks. All of the stimulus is being liquidated. This is a head and shoulders pattern. Not a straight line going up.

  6. Will watch for a while and see when it goes in the next few weeks. I'm hoping to tap more ETH and a bit more SOL. Just bought more palantir and Tesla so really trying to spread the cash evenly.

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