5 Best Global Cryptocurrency Exchanges | Top Crypto Exchanges

Binance (20% off) – FTX (5% off) – Coinbase …


  1. Neither of these exchanges list too many small cap alts, and that's where the real money is. You can get a 2 to 4 x on the large caps over the long haul (and that's just fine), but fortunes will be made in the alts.

  2. Is binance safe to keep our coins during the bear market? I don't wanna buy a cold wallet right now coz I don't really need it. But planning to DCA during the bear market. Thoughts?

  3. Sorry i heard "The Gun Chadda" at 0:15
    Nice content btw.
    Binance is the best so far. Looks sofisticated for new users. But once you start understanding the UI, it's fun. It has zero to negligible lags.

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