Adding live trading to your cryptocurrency trading bot using Python and the Poloniex API, Part 3

We’re taking the bot we created for backtesting and setting up live trading to make some real money. Check out the previous …


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  2. Any ideas on how to confirm a buy order went through so you don't end up selling currency you haven't got yet? or even cancel an order if it hasn't gone through quick enough to be profitable?

  3. Hey! Greetings 🙂
    I just want to say thank you for these amazing videos.
    I've learn so much, not just the first steps about trading bots but what I've learn about python… You see I'm just giving my first steps on this amazing OOP language and if one pay attention to all the steps and not just step over them, one can learn a lot!
    If I take some profit from what I've learn in this videos I'm sure I'll remember you!

  4. kind sir (thanks for all of this well done work), I've been following along , and was wondering if you plan to continue this project any further (it's been several months since you last did a video on this topic) ? many thanks in advance,

  5. Great work, but it appears there is a problem with this bot. Firstly, when doing back testing, it places maybe one Buy order and the rest are closed positions….so for anyone having trouble with getting this to work, it's probably because it's not actually placing any buy orders. I haven't gotten as far as testing it live, only backtesting for now. Even in the video above, if you look at the output from the first backtest, its only CLOSED orders.

    Also, how much is this bot BUYING? I see nowhere to set an option on hour much to actually buy. I know it's been a couple of months since this video was posted, but if someone could please respond I would appreciate it

  6. I will literally pay you, Brian, 10 BTC to help me integrate the code from one section and add a couple of features that are minor. I will pay when I start trading. Please and thank you.

  7. If you want to find the profit for the changes you want, try this:

    1)In the file, add a "!" right after the word "Profit ".
    2) Run the with the output sent to a file, "python datecode1 datecode2 > profit.txt"
    3)Then import into a text file (it will be large) and search and replace for everything before either the "-" sign or a number, and then anything after the numbers with a space or just nothing.
    4) Import into a spreadsheet and use the "!" as the separator.
    5) Delete Column A, and then select what remains and make the number format into General. this will convert exponents into regular numbers.
    6)Select the entire column and look at the sum box at the bottom of the window and you will see the estimated profit.

    So far I have found changing the moving points average to 15 to 20 seconds will help in getting a solid moving average.

    Just my 2 cents.

  8. Would be nice to see the UI aspect incorporated again! Love the videos, and am trying to keep up and learn but dont know python that well. Create a table, in table, parse date/time/(buy or sell) price and at bottom overall (profit/loss %)

  9. Could you create a script that pulls the least volatile. EX. All btc pairs from the top 50 with a change between -2% and 3%. This would be the trading pairs I would use in a bot.

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