Algorithmic Trading Strategy Using Python

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  1. nice coding but the trading was not extensive enough. Im a kind of experienced coder so Im looking for a video that explains how to set up an algo trader to 1) backtest on the largest possible dataset and 2) execute automated trading. Thanks anyway

  2. when it comes to trading in the various financial markets the relevance of professional guidance should not be undervalued as it could be the key to any traders success in profit making.

  3. Great video- Code is perfect.

    Can I ask where can we download the stock data file. In ur example you use the APPL.csv . May I ask where can we download price history of a share

  4. All in all, really good work. It would be nice if the program could use live data and ping your phone with notifications when to trade. So far this is more like backtesting a strategy.

  5. HI – I am getting this error, does anyone know how to resolve it? for some reason it won't accept PLT
    NameError: name 'plt' is not defined
    1 #visualize the data
    —-> 2 plt.figure(figsize=(12.5,4.5))
    3 plt.plot(TAKOF['Adj Close Price'], label = 'TAKOF')
    4 plt.title('FLT Adj. Close Price History')
    5 plt.xlabel('Oct. 02, 2006 – May 31, 2021')

  6. How to use python to place trades in mt4 …? How to use python for forex? There is no much resources in online about this topic… please make tutorial videos on this topic

  7. Great Video! At the very end on the first sell signal, the price crosses both SMA before it signals to sell. Maybe optimize it by making it so that price only has to move below the SMA30 to signal a sell?

  8. AttributeError Traceback (most recent call last)

    <ipython-input-33-4527353ebaca> in <module>()

    1 #visualize the data

    2 plt.figure(figsize=(12.5, 4.5))

    —-> 3 plt.plot(AAPL['Adj Close'], lable = 'AAPL')

    4 plt.title('Apple Adj. Close History')

    5 plt.xlabel('April. 07, 2020 – April. 07, 2021')

    Can you please help me the above error

  9. just finished following along and building this Bot and it works great!!!!! Love the content and the hard work!!!! would love to see more videos in the future on how to implement different strategies, maybe we can build a bot that works well for scalping and intraday traders next???

  10. nice video thanks!!!
    anyone if iterested..
    you can calculate buysignals and sellsignals for this strategy by using below pandas native "shift" and using conditions
    below is the code I used



    aapl_prev= aapl.shift(periods=1)

    aapl["buy_signal"]=aapl["close"][(aapl["sma30"] > aapl["sma100"])& (aapl_prev["sma30"]aapl_prev["sma100"])]

    aapl["sell_signal"]=aapl["close"][(aapl["sma30"] < aapl["sma100"])& (aapl_prev["sma30"]>aapl_prev["sma100"])]

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