ALTCOINS Forming The PATTERN (Crypto Trading Strategies)

When bitcoin doesn’t move much, our attention is drawn to the altcoins to see what we can exploit. In today’s video we explore …


  1. I believe <that the inflation is already priced in crypto market since the end of last year. These manipulative rats are always 2 steps ahead of everybody because they are market makers. I hope I’m wrong and they won’t keep dumping it on retail investors as always. Those who hold the longest will profit the most, I trade and hold profits keep up the great work!and also Anika Hobson has been doing a great job reviewing all chart, trade and techniques on BTC which has enhance the growth of my portfolio to 17btc lately. You can reach anika on ͲeIєɠɾαm @ “anikahobson”

  2. Keep it going! I’m always walking around and saying “pool of liquidity” in your accent lol. I get a lot of looks 👀 also why is there no shirt saying that 👍

  3. <I have been trading for about 6 months now and just about every trade slaps me in my face. Nearly impossible for me to catch more than a few points . I try to do top down analysis and MTF analysis, but it doesn't work for me . I say to myself, clearly I'm in the 90% that lose money, so I open a demo account, do my analysis, then take the opposite of what I would normally take(I know, it sounds stupid but I was desperate) and get the same result. I'm starting to feel hopeless, any advice for a struggling trader?>

  4. Nice video and great work,I'm new to cryptocurrency and I don't understand how it really works. Can someone guide me on the right approach to investing and making good profit from cryptocurrency investment?

  5. Could Steve be setting up the trap on the alts before rug pull?! Feels a bit fishy specially with btc at precarious support. The whole thing feels like a house of cards to me right now

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