Analysis of Bitcoin Futures | Cryptocurrency Trading

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  1. Thanks again bro for another wonderful insight .Never doubt you for a second.Who needs a crystal ball when we've got you.Like you said…I BELIEVEEEE IN BITCOIN. I BELIEVEEEE IN BLOCKCHAIN ! Should jumpa you one of these days and belanja you makan laa.

  2. Just an opinion. … Futures is obviously not a way to go, since it will obviously be controlled by the "higher force", again leaving us "small people" hungry. Therefore it is better to avoid Futures and keep all other Altcoins do the work for the "small people, we can still do the mining and earn at least something.

  3. some good points but FUTURES are dealing with a VERY RARE BULL HERE, i think they are the ones that are going to be burnt. people are not going to sell there Bitcoin just because they release some news, Bitcoin has no workers, no president, nothing, it has a life of its own. It really limits the negative news they can release.

    What they fail to realize is that miners can pull out 1000s of coins at any time, air pocketing the price. The higher this goes the more volatility there will be. The big guns are as fucked as the rest of us.

  4. I like your videos, not too bullish. I sold out of BTC last night. I will wait a little before I buy back in… but SALT!!!! Do you have any further insisght on SALT? the Idea seems amazing, ethics aside. I have not reaseachred the company, but I trust the idea they have. How does it work? Are we waiting for divedens on loans, like normal? Or are dividens paid in the form of coin value?

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