Beginner’s Guide: Casual Cryptocurrency Mining with 0% Financial Risk – Is it worth it in 2017?

00:00 – Intro 00:22 – Overview what this vlog type video is about 02:43 – What category of crypto seeker are you? The three main …


  1. Great insight. Yes – just remember people that running ONE single 1080ti undervolted and everything costs around $40 a month to run.. so add a couple more of those and you have doubled your electric bill, lol.

  2. I have a question for you. Everyone talks about Electricity as the main cost. What about ISP cost increases? Say you had a Internet Service Plan at $70 for 30Mbps Download and 2 Mbps Upload and 250GB data per month and there is a couple of other packages per month in between this and the Unlimited and Faster Speeds Plan. But going to an Unlimited plan is like $150. Then there is a $80 increase to that monthly. I have no idea how much data passes with the computations of all this Coin Mining. Have not seen anything on that yet. Is there a significant increase to that with each GPU card added in?

  3. hey man im just wondering if you help me some how lol sorry im new i dont even know anything about this or about building a comuter but i want to get involed in this thanks again !

  4. Greeting from MPLS. Very interesting video! Well done and i learned quite a bit from watching this. That being said, this is clearly way out of me league. I can't even figure out how to manipulate my new solo GPU gaming rig so that it runs cool and quiet. Lol.

  5. Very good video thank you. You have not put me off of mining but I must think more as I hope to make my house solar not off grid but almost in the next few months. Where I live in Thailand electricity is not cheap.

  6. Hows your zero outlay setup looking now, can you do an update please, if you could explain a bit more about pool setup for one card that would be really great, details and how to start if you have the time for that. thnx for the excellent vid.

  7. Very nice video! Loved it from start to finish! Looking forward to future updates!
    Also, I felt the brain farts were superb! Oh and I got a hell of a good belly laugh when you came back with the velcro on your forehead and the camera on a stick! Still laughing!

  8. Keep it up buddy! Nice work on this video.
    Superbly informative.
    However, a little bit more editing on the moments when u have brain fart (Eg. When u start going Erm… Erm) would be nice.

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