Best CANADIAN CryptoCurrency Trading Platform! – Quadrigacx

Hello guys, I am here with my first video! I really wanted to let you guys know the best trading platform (in my opinion) for …


  1. You can also try Shakepay! We're the easiest way to buy and sell Bitcoin in Canada 🇨🇦. (1) Instant verification (2) Interac e-Transfers processed in minutes (3) No fees for deposit/withdrawal (4) Works with all Canadian banks and credit unions. Find us at

  2. Hello,how are you doing ? Well to go straight to the point without mincing words,thePax tokens,Dogecoin,Dentacoin,Siacoin,buzzcoin,Verge and Antshares/Neo are what i am currently investing in,and i have already started gaining little profits from some of them already,for example when i invested in Verge,i started on $500 and now i am at $3000, i also use a currency prediction mining tool that helps me as well,i will not divulge into that now.The secret i have learned in cryptocoin investment is that.1, what will raise the value of the coin ? 2, who stands behind the coin.3, where and how can i realize profits. I run my investments on a platform that guarantees high value of coins i mentioned. If you would like to have in on what i am experiencing now,just write me on let me guide you.

    Best wishes

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