BEST Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy For Beginners | BITCOIN/ETHEREUM

Today I share with you, the EASIEST crypto strategy for beginners that can make you easy money. Using years of forex/crypto …


  1. What simple it seems when you do it on closed market , isn’t it? . Try it again with current candles … you’ll see you money disappears in less than a week …

  2. Do you use Level III time and sales info to "see" where major buy and sale orders are placed, indicating a high probability "zone" where price reverses ?

  3. Your content is pretty good im still struggling to get a hang on this forex thing as in getting profitable but ill keep at it with your help i hope maybe if you can also do a video on the best way to trade using multiple timeframes like the 4hr the 30min and the 5min so u can lock on a proper trade

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