Best High Probability Profitable Trading Strategy – MACD+RSI+200 EMA

This might be one of the best simple trading strategies shown for free on YouTube that explains every part of the full system from entry to stop loss to profit target.


  1. i really like the way you have explained your strategies . This one holds the best till now for me , can you also let us know on your comparison chart where does it stand . Would really love to see the rank of this .

  2. Very good strategy. Potentially on daily/weekly candles, we will get only fewer signals. I'm curious Does this concept work for daily candles or weekly candles? Do you suggest any changes to the current approach?

  3. I make massive profit on my investment since i started investing with Mrs Mary Maxwell, her trading strategies are top notch coupled with the little commission she charges when trading with her

  4. I really have a big problem with strategies that involve humans and pattern spotting (ex. divergence).

    Indicators give you clear signals/numbers, where as a human you can make mistakes by false pattern spotting.

    I rather have a strategy, that works 5% worse but eliminates humans as a factor. We are up against AI and machines so we should also just use technicals…

  5. Is anyone else confused by this? I am talking about 200 ema – I am not sure if I should only enter trades if the price is above the 200 ema AS WELL as the PULLBACK. Sometimes the price is already above 200 ema but pullback is touching it or in the middle of it. My other question is if the MACD crossover needs to happen below/above the zero line like in the "traditional" MACD + 200 ema strategy?

  6. I know youโ€™re an algorithm trader but have you ever noticed how price always moves away from the daily opening? This may seem plainly obvious but I encourage you to look at daily candlesticks and look at the opening price and how far price moves from that open. The hard thing is you never know which direction to enter a trade however you do know that price does not like to stay near the daily open price.

  7. i have a question, what is the minimum divergence that the rsi has to show or can it even show just a fraction of a point to count or does it need to show 4 or 5 points difference? thanks

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