Best Low Cap Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy! Trustswap, xDai Stake, Quant Network, Digibyte

Today is all about altcoins! We talk about trade setups for some cryptocurrencies which I took. We cover when to take profits on your crypto investments.


  1. Report the SCAM AD videos. During AD Click icon upper left, that takes you to their channel, report as normal. From mobile, lower left small "info" icon, choose inappropriate

  2. VI is a decent low cap option. Under $15m market cap with a solid use case and real adoption.

    The vid app is taking over from Tik Tok and will take off soon once the heavy marketing kicks in. Scoop some up before it flies again.

  3. I have screenshots of a scammer asking me to send them bitcoin and i was like yo let's do it through trustswap escrow smart contract…….crickets Haha. So much value in eliminating scammers. Swap will be a top ten imo.

  4. Hey Frank! Longtime AB subscriber and its been an absolute blast watching your videos and experiencing your entrance onto the AB team. Throughout this video you mentioned a lot about managing your active positions relative to portfolio percentage. Hoping to plant the seed for a future video on how to create a spreadsheet based trading portfolio. Perhaps it’s a series of videos, perhaps a single video, either way that would be awesome. Thanks again for all of your effort and great content!

  5. MORPHEUS LABS MITX ///////Hyprr (Howdoo) (UDOO) —– Snapshot on Monday 17 august, will moon before snapshot
    SWINGBY —- FAST INTER-BLOCKCHAIN SWAPS ///////celer— interactive, secure and low-cost applications to every blockchain
    UniPower (POWER)…….All are under low market cap and could go atleast 5x….

  6. IF you arent looking into ICON you are doing crypto wrong. If you missed out on LINK then you want to look into ICON, you wont be disappointed. One of the few OGs from 2017 with a real use case that is left and hasnt pumped yet. It already does everything ETH 2.0 is trying to do, they are releasing their own UNISWAP type dex called IconPool in Oct and MyID will be launched this month. S. Korea's govt is behind this project and the ICX token is being used for transaction fees guaranteed. Dont get left behind

  7. Please check out LUKSO , brand new use case , extremely low cap . Team is amazing with ether foundation members and huge people on advisory board . New in this game and amazing return .

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