Binance API Tutorial (Part 1) – Crypto Trading Bot Design

In this video I give an overview of what we will be building. Ways to Support this Channel: Sign up with my Binance Referral Link: …


  1. Do you or anyone else in this comments section know how to incorporate Python scripts into a Java executable? I’m only really familiar with Java at an intermediate level and know how to construct an executable desktop program with a simple GUI but I would love use Python scripts as the logic to it. This might be a simple question but again I’ve only really used Java for projects and have VERY basic knowledge of simple Python syntax. Glueing them together somehow is beyond my knowledge

  2. So I want to build a trading bot aswell but with C++, so is their any way for that? Is TALIb a generic library that I can use in C++ aswell? Again I have Google but found no way how to hook the API to my project on VS and VS code, at least not for C++ so far.

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  5. Bro. Is it possible to create a python alarm when the current price is near to the lowest price for multiply currency? if possible please create a video.

  6. I heard it's faster to do the whole trading bot in node.js . Have you tried this or is it fast enough using python? Someone I was talking to said he did it all in node.js because we're working on a strategy where you have to catch price change insanely fast and set up multiple trades fast so trying to find fastest method.

  7. Exemple, I consider eth/btc, can I set the % of my total btc wallet when I buy? I mean, I can put the quantity of eth I wanna buy, but I need to set the quantity of btc I can afford (for example a % of the total, or the exactly amount of btc). Can I do it?

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