Binance Hedge Mode Tutorial (Hedging Trading Strategy Explained For Beginners)

In this Binance hedge mode tutorial, hedging trading strategy is explained for beginners, and it’s shown how by trading in Binance hedge mode you can reduce …


  1. Hi Soheil, wonderful channel. Extremely clear and neat videos.
    My question here : can't you open a hedging position below the level you enter a position, to hedge against a strong reversal of trend, for example if you're highly leveraged? As the market suddenly loses liquidity the stop-loss may at best be executed lower than you place it, or at worse rejected. Thanks…

  2. Honestly, some of the absolute best tutorials of trade mechanics and the Binance interface in general. Really appreciate the work you put into these videos. Question: is it a general practice to hedge in futures against a potition you're holding in spot, or is it common to hedge in futures against the trade you're "in now"… Ie, open a long and open a short at the time… Which ever one "wins", let it run and close the "opposite" trade /side?

  3. what if want to open multiple long positions why its not showing as seperate position? all longs are getting merged into one. while in mt4 it shows muitiple positiongs in terminal?please help

  4. Can I open a position with unrealised profits in binance hedgemode? u said after opening buy long with 50k how could I open short sellwith 60k if I had only 50k in my wallet?

  5. I've seen several videos on hedging so far, your video is the best one. Your skill in explaining the details is awesome. Thanks for your efforts! God bless you!

  6. Thanks for the video Soheil. Very informative. Just a quick question, I have my long position opened in a one-way mood currently. Can I change it into Hedge mood and short on my current position so I can protect it from liquidation? Many Thanks.

  7. I appreciate your nice graphics and clear explaination.
    I want to ask a question, hope I can tell it clearly:
    Why do we just stop the position in $60k price (with 10k profit) and start again whenever we believe that the price could rise again. Thank you!

  8. There is something i missed out, you told to short while long to protect and then to short while long to make short term profit if price fall: how ?

  9. Sir what i understand from your video that we will lock our profit or loss when we will activate the opposite position.
    Profit we not increase in both scenarios.
    Please correct me if i am wrong.

  10. Bro i bought shorted btc and then open a long position without turning on the “ hedge” option lol hahha and lost all my money …I should have watched your video earlier

  11. Hi, sorry for asking you this. Can you give me some advice, if the hedging transaction is over can we directly withdrawal the fund or we need to sell it first? I'm sorry for asking this because i have no idea. Thanks before

  12. Very informative. I cant switch to hedge mode, I'm getting dis feedback "Insufficient collateral for isolated margin"
    Meanwhile, I have a forced liquidation with -$8 could be d reason since d position is still opened. I'v tried to close it but not closing.
    Pls what else can I do to close it, thanks

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