Binance Margin Trading Tutorial (Crypto Margin Trading on Binance)

Binance margin trading tutorial – Binance margin trading with 3x – 10x margin crypto trading. Binance margin tutorial with risk …


  1. Thank you for much for this. I have a quick question. Let’s say I transfer MANA into my margin account and then borrow MANA against it.
    That means I have more MANA in my account. Means I don’t need to got to the trading screen and trade it right?
    I understand if I did this with usdt then I will go and trade MANA/USDT. But what if initially just transfer transfer MANA and borrow MANA. I don’t need to trade right?
    Thank you for your help. As always.

  2. I dont get this you would think borrowing = going long. but how come im running negative when the price goes up? not using binance again way to complicated compared to other margin exchanges

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