BITBOX: How to Secure Cryptocurrency Exchange

Japanese version Sanghwan Ahn (h2spice) LINE / Security Strategy Team BITBOX is a trusted …


  1. It is impossible to fully secure it against theft, there will always be a hacker who succeeds.

    The worst thing is that most exchanges keep the money of all users on one address, in the event of an attack your cash register – bye bye!

    I recommend familiarizing yourself with the term "Non-castodial" and take advantage of stock exchanges that have such a feature.

    Thanks to this, each user keeps money on their individual wallets, and the trade is carried out through a smart-contract connected to the stock exchange.

    No possibility of mass hacking attacks or loss of funds in the event of bankruptcy of the stock exchange.

    Personally, I recommend 2 exchanges

    that have this option.



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