Bitcoin and Crypto – The fundamentals and the Institutional Mindset

Your beloved ALTS are impacted by #Bitcoin’s gravity. We do our daily scan of the facts behind the news to see what is really …


  1. Hi Ken. Responsibility is huge. It is the reason I am here in crypto. I know one day my son and my daughter will look at the environment, at our planet, at the climate crisis, and they will ask me: Dad, why did this happen, what did you do to prevent this? – And I honestly want to tell them that I did everything possible. The only option I see is a massive innovation in solar energy production using it for sucking up the CO2 out of our atmosphere and storing it away savely, known as solar carbon capture. The concepts are out there in the labs but they need much more funding to bring them to an enormous scaling. My hope is that cryptos or crypto trading might provide such a funding. In my dreams I am flooding projects like the artifical leaf from MIT researcher Daniel Nocera with money and together we start to build carbon capture farms in the desserts. Well, its a dream. At least I have to try.

  2. Hi Ken, Many Thanks for sharing "The fundamentals and the Institutional Mindset" video at right time. looks like a Covid-19 Booster Shot !!!! after first vaccine on 7th Sep dip and second on 4th Dec dip. 😊

  3. Thanks so much for your daily updates Ken. For your dedication and energy, your knowledge and wisdom. I strongly believe Crypto is here to stay. Adoption even really started yet. Metaverse, Gaming, NFTs will become some of the B2C core drivers in the near future. The possibilities for Blockchain to create new business models and/or reduce SG&A expenses are tremendous in B2B sectors/industries. Yes, we are early. Very grateful for what you do Ken and grateful to be part of the KS Family! Love & blessings to everyone!

  4. The word responsibility is from Latin which means "to respond." We have the ability to respond. With this ability comes great power because if we can respond consciously then new dimension will open up within you. This does not necessarily have to be a physical action, nor does it mean you have to take care of everything. It simply means do everything that you can do, and dont focus on what you cannot do. This is "OUR" response ability 🙏

    thanks for everything Ken. Very insightful video. Keep up the great work 😃

  5. "With responsibility life promotes you" – just an amazing rule and I could say one of elementary guiders through life, I just love, it goes straight into my "Life rule book", thank you Ken 😊

  6. Thanks for the update Ken! Had a couple of 10-5-10 orders fill, still have most of them remaining to fill so we will see how we go, thanks as always for your hard work and dedication to help everyone out, we really are blessed to have you 🙂👍

  7. Good Morning KS family .Ken Thank you for todays video. Crypto moves in waves!! Responsibility is one of my keywords this year. I'm in charge of my own life and I´m taking resposibility of all of my actions. Lots of love from Stockholm minus10 degrees outside and inside the market but I'm still not in a freeze. Thanks Ken!!!

  8. So reassuring. I do feel myself beginning to understand that temporary declines are part of the longer advance and that the advance will tend to be greater, so it’s worth waiting for. Paper losses are just on paper. If you don’t need that money today, just consider it part of the course of your investment. Thank you Ken. I’m moving toward zone 3 as confidently as I can.

  9. Thanks, Ken. I'm in absolute awe at your passion and dedication. Since finding your channel I have moved into zone 3 for sure. I have been layer buying all the dips and I've still got some left in my 10-5-10 fund. Previously I would have been all in! It is scary always being in a paper loss, but the loss is managable because of the buying strategy you teach. I'm looking forward to being in profit one day!
    I study market health everyday using the methods taught in the MS Trend module (amazing BTW!). I totally agree that the markets look healthy and I don't see too much more downside.

    I previously made trades on the advice of influencers, which mostly backfired. I wanted to blame them, but that was wrong. I am responsible for my own actions. The blame lies with me for being lazy. I forgave myself and now I'm taking the MS to achieve real wealth by working hard for it.

  10. Always look forward to your videos & thanks for the mention! 🙂

    I don't why but I stared at the jigsaw puzzle for too long and now I just really really like the image haha
    I admire the passion you have to help people get out of zone 1 & 2. Bringing awareness to it is a great invitation to help people realize they're invited to the party in zone 3 & 4!

  11. Ken, thank you once again for your quest for excellence. Loved, "One, Two, Three, yea yea I only want the up one", and "Lovely gifts wrapped in barbed wire". The only thing that bothers me about the current market is that I didn't take some money off the table at all-time highs. How I wish I had that dry powder now. But I'll forgive myself and do better next time. 10-5-10 is the real deal. We're getting better thanks to you Ken, and I love this community and their insightfulness. May your relationships and portfolios shine!

  12. Sometimes I miss some of the amazing comments made by the community members so I love when you highlight them in your next video. They are incredibly inspiring. Responsibility means being personally accountable for something within your own power. You find a way to make it happen and not make excuses or deflect blame onto someone or something else. Something they are not teaching our kids in school today which is concerning. Our education system in Australia is severely lacking in preparing our kids for the real world and how to manage their expectations.

  13. Thanks Ken. You were kind, caring and informative as always. Sometimes we need to lean on others for strength and comfort for reassurance that it is going to be ok. The crypto market IS the next evolution of the internet – Web 3.0. The next level of digital innovation that will reinvent civilization as we know it. Just like the internet and air travel change the world as we knew it in the 1900's. And electricity and the industrial revolution in the 1800's. We are constantly evolving as a human race. Do not let fear, a scarcity mindset and the institutions FUD you out of this market! You have to believe in the crypto space to survive the volatility. Believe that a peer to peer exchange of value through digital platforms using cryptography and global consensus is our financial future. I believe. Do you?

  14. Thank you for another outstanding video, Ken. Showing Bitcoin’s worth (I hope I used the correct word) compared to other world currencies was great information. And, like you said Bitcoin is still in its infancy! The years go by quickly, and before we know it we will see Bitcoin valued at one million dollars. What you said about responsibility is perfect! We must take responsibility for ourselves, our decisions, our words, our actions….all of it, good and bad, because ultimately that is how we empower ourselves. That is how we see what we have created for ourselves in our lives.🙏🏼

  15. It really feels like fate led me here.

    I used to be an enthusiastic gold bug (still am I suppose) who was very "anti crypto". Jordan Lyndsey broke through that shell over the course of time. And then he iced the cake by introducing me to Kens work. Big shoutout to Jordan. The life lessons & real wealth sections of this channel… in regards to right place right time… has been uncanny.

  16. Thanks Ken 🙏. That was awesome. The shorts are beginning to feel certainty. Turnaround is inevitable. If we flip the emotions, we get Red = Excitement and Green = Worry. Works better. I loved hearing you talk about responsibility. " If we don't take it, we lose the privilege" . That's so true. Cheers KS family 👋😃

  17. Ken you are right on time. I thought I was immune to the manipulation after this summer, but the smart money is once again punching me in the gut, and I really feel it, but you are always here to lift us up as the voice of reason and experience. Well done Mr. Standfield, I refuse to sell my bitcoin to Michael Saylor!!!!

  18. Absolutely amazing video as always. I find your channel shines brightest during the dark times which really says something about your character, wisdom and credibility. The people who are lucky enough to be in your community have been blessed with something truly special. Keep it going you legend!

  19. Hi everyone, I see so much pain in the crypto market I find it heartbreaking. I know many people feel trapped in Zone 1 and Zone 2. This video is a little different where I try to explain why Z1 and Z2 are so damaging and how to get into Z3. I'm pretty passionate about it in this video (unusually so). In other videos, I am more relaxed, but I want to help people see that getting out of Z1/Z2 is incredibly important for their financial health and also in reducing stress. I hope I did not come across too strongly, if I did please know my intentions are always to heal and never to harm.

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