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  1. Btc need More facilities because is has become a lucrative way of making money
    Bitcoin is the future, investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise.

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  4. Bitcoin is rising again and that's why trading with an expert is always the best. As for me I don't bother about the price as my crypto has been increasing massively trading with an Expert I recommend Shaw on W-hat sA-pp + -4 4 -7- 5 -3 -7- 1 -8- 5- 2- 7 7

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  8. Qortal Platform with Qort Service Token

    Qortal platform overview

    it is a platform with great potential, exceeding eth by times

    Q-chat has already been implemented, real-time chat on the Qortal blockchain, and a decentralized trading platform with a Qort / Btc pair, will add Qort / Ltc and a voting system in the near future.

    The next step is Data storage + website / application hosting, token creation like ERC20, Qortal mobile app.

    Coins are below $ 0.5, can be bought for 20 cents, the growth potential is huge, as at the dawn of ETH

    Qortal does not use PoW or PoS like more “traditional” blockchains, instead it uses minting. Minting means that each miner shares a portion of the reward for EVERY block. In other words, Qortal does not reward the block signer, but rewards every minter that is online, syncs, and mints! Minting does not require large computing power, an old PC is enough.

    Now you can buy on the exchange Qort / USDT

    Join us in discord

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  10. Damn! I should’ve listened to you 2days ago Mr C! I chickened out at 19700 and before I blinked, BOOM! 20,400!! I’m definitely joining your trade community for better trading. Thank you again.

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