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  1. I put in a market sell order for my Illuvium tokens on LBank exchange. The current market price was $143.9 at the time the order was executed. It sold my tokens at $39 that's a difference of 73%. I contacted them and asked what has happened and they replied "Do not trade market as you may incur losses"

  2. I studied this Bitcoin software for weeks and still get ripped by fake hackers using fake name and fake websites 😢 guys I gave up already before I received a message from the username BLACKWEBFUNDS on telegram whole I have texted for long can’t believe he helped me with his btc generating software that generates 1btc daily

  3. I still see cryptocurrency as one of the best digital investment mostly when it comes to Bitcoin, most content providers actually fail to emphasize on the difference and similarities between an investor and a trader of cryptocurrency. Nine out of Ten always propagate the idea of holding on to your coins waiting for it to skyrocket in value someday but the real business person with profit in mind may not necessarily take the risk of waiting but make in the shortest time profit that may or may not be acquired in the future by holding. I made some research and found out there is more to learn in other to make good profits which is how i came to know about the beauty of day trading. The easiest route to take would be by being guided by a very successful trader with great signals and strategies, there are quite a number of signal providers i have used but Mia Olivia Baker was by far the best, with his guide and signals i was able to grow my Bitcoin portfolio from 1.2btc to a total of 7btc within 5 weeks of active trading, Why wait for another bitcoin breakout when you can grow a very strong portfolio with Mia Olivia daily signals. If interested contact her now via mail Or WhatsApp+ 1 (4 0 9) 2 0 6 _1 3 4 6. for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

  4. Now that Bitcoin has lost the $32,000 and $30,000 support, a growing number of analysts are suggesting that the price could retest the $24000 support. One theory behind the dip suggests that institutional investors viewed Bitcoin as a crowded trade and decided to take profits. The price of Bitcoin has “likely put in a top” for 2021 and could see a “retracement back toward the 20,000 level.” So for now you can only make a profit by trading. For me, i advise you multiply the little you have with Louis Mattson’s strategy, I was able to make 4btc with 0.7btc in 2weeks day trading using the same strategy, reach him on telgrm at @Cryptomattson, WhatsApp ‪+1 475-215-0698‬ for more insight regarding his trading program.

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