Bitcoin Trading (Free Course) Lesson 3: Levels of Support and Resistance



  1. I find a bit of confusion between the terms used: "testing a level" and "respecting a level". I think you should have defined what "respecting" means. I thought I understood it until you started using it many times in same sentence and now I'm lost.

  2. Hey man, than you so much for this, amazing video! I grasped the concept of marking the swing high and low but you rattled me at 33:48 Why did you mark the candle to the left if the candle to the right was actually lower? Wouldnt this be the swing low? That threw me off a little and now I'm not sure if m marking them on my chart correctly.


  3. After watching all beginner and advanced and many Future of trading videos, going back to this video makes me understand better, I charted BCH using your rules, my mind was blown. The levels were respected, I all the time believed that ancient levels get irrelevant once they get broken, but many level that got broken were in fact relevant. Sometimes, watching the advanced courses without understanding all of it, makes it way easier to understand the beginner course, the course was too much deep for me, so I had to watch advanced videos to get an idea of the spirit of trading and the global vision of where we are going with these lessons. My mind is still blown, but I start to have a small grasp. Thank you for ever.

  4. Wow totally a different approach to levels. Redoing all my charts now. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge on this I’m so grateful. I’ve been struggling getting it down after even buying a couple courses. I’m so glad i found your Channel, I’ll watching all your vids for sure 🙌🏼

  5. Where do you need to put your level in the swing high if the high point of the down candle is higher the the swing high of the up candle?
    Great video's! Learning so much and this is even the 3th lesson! Thank you!

  6. Love your content! Have some questions. U emphasized that price has to wick past the level to gain it. At 47:40, price breaks the support turning it into resistance but that break was not a wick but a full solid candle. Why does it hold?
    Also a wick past candle on this timeframe might seem like a "wick" but it is made up of smaller candles on lower timeframes that might not be "wicks". How does that work?

  7. Hi cotton just wanna ask like a swing high of a swing low candle , does the wick of the swing high need to be a higher high than the two candles on the left and right or its just considered a swing high because the swing low is a lower low than the rest of the candles .

  8. I've been trying to chart the swing highs and lows, and it's not as easy as you make it seem. Will there be more content on this in future lessons, or perhaps through your Patreon? Thank you for everything!

  9. @C0TT0NC4NDYTA I will just take this moment to thank you for this amazing knowledge you provide for free. I haven't started trading yet but I see a potential here and I want to make sure I have a decent knowledge before starting. When first results appear you'll be the first to find out! Thank you!! 🙏

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