Bitcoin Trading (Free Course) Lesson 4: Targets



  1. This info is top tier thank you I always wondered why my one minute support level would always fail on me but this right here made me understand much further . THANK YOU AGAIN !!

  2. At 15:47, how would you have known where to place the top of the triangle so that the right leg would be properly positioned? The right leg of the triangle changes significantly depending on where the top is placed, and to me it seems like we only knew the correct position for it because we could see the price action. How would we have accurately placed the top of the triangle in a live trade?

  3. I have taken the quiz 14 times with a score of 70%. I keep getting # 3,7 n 8 wrong. Talking about stressed out lol. I seem to understand the science but the quizzes are tough.

  4. I juste discovred your chanel and am vert happy to cross your path,
    Am juste chocked about the comment section, how you can have the time to answer to almost all the comments and lunch very technical vidéos everyday,
    I can juste tel you BRAVO,
    I wish you the best.

  5. I have a question… (At 29:00)
    I can see how the valley you drew could give us points of interest, but doesn't the swing low of the big move here, give us a major target in the future? So the use of the valley was that it told us that the price is heading towards a major target zone?

  6. At 34:50, what is the reason behind using the swing Low because it broke support and the first touch of the level above? I didn’t understand that statement. What’s the significance of that?

  7. I am watching this beginner series for second time and i am loving it! For sure will do 2 more runs for greater understanding and foundation for later courses. Thank you very much! Taking side notes in word this time and its much better to grasp the knowledge well. All best for you and your family!

  8. Great stuff! I have been daytrading etfs for about 4yrs now and just started getting into charting and learning to use trading view. I am curious if you ever use a level2 during the intraday? I am not sure if cryptos use level 2.

  9. bro i made my account X2 in 3 days watching till this part of your course I hope you be happy and peaceful man thank you for your patience and sharing your incredible knowledge… and i will keep grinding your courses

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