Exchange Review & Tutorial: Beginners Guide to Trading Crypto

In this latest Exchange Update and tutorial for 2020, I explain the name change from The Pit to the new Exchange. I also talk …


  1. 4:53 doesn't work at all, just says no funds available – even yours shows 0.00, and it won't let me change it to the BTC balance which has funds in

  2. Hi,

    When trying to deposit in in Exchange to purchase crypto currencies, why is the only deposit option 'wire transfer' which says 3-5 days and no option for card? I also have a gold account.


  3. thmbs up, but I have a question:
    if I have a wallet account and can do any trade I want on it, why would I want to open the exchange account?
    and on which account can I place STOP orders? to sell a crypto currency

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  6. Hi….. I did purchase bitcoin on blockchain using the bank card but the money/coin is in bitcoin trading wallet and its showing a locked sign and once I try to transfer to my bitcoin wallet shows on the screen that (transition in progress) we will let you know its almost two day "what can be wrong"

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