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  1. Go for mana,sand,wrx,xrp,icp, Fil,1inch,ENJ,Cake,Alice,-Bhai log koinahi batayega bhai ,lelo hold and see the magic ,mne mera source kabhi nahi bata but market make a huge bump,soon so ,I believe I can't only fly together we fly

  2. This is not a good sign. Even if they outright banned crypto, somebody would have gone to court again and got them unbanned. or we would still have had access to our crypto's one way or other. But now these corrupt politicians are taking bribes from indian exchanges and banning foreign exchanges which are really REALLY important.

    why ?

    1. because the smaller and lesser known altcoins which can give bigger gains wont be available to us anymore.

    2. because we wont be able to participate in IDOs and get in to any project we think could do better in the future.

    3. because indian exchanges like coinswitch dont even have a stoploss feature. so if you sleep one day and market fell, you would lose all your money in an instant. They are basically scams.

    4. because Indian exchanges on a regular basis suddenly put up a notification saying they are stopping deposit and withdrawl of INR and they just outright rob us from our money for however much time they want.

    5. I transferred my Audius token from Binance to Wazirx and now i cant transfer it or send it anywhere. Its just stuck on Wazirx. This is just a money scam governement is doing now.

    They could have outright banned crypto and still would have been a better scenario.

  3. These Indian exchanges have played this whole game when the meeting was called, if this happens then I will never trade on Indian exchange and I will be out of crypto because after that these Indian exchanges will do their own thing. Better than this, ban the entire crypto.

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