Brian Armstrong: Setting Up and Scaling a Crypto Company

Coinbase founder and CEO Brian Armstrong walks us through “Setting Up and Scaling a Crypto Company,” explaining how crypto …


  1. Can anyone tell me how does a crypto startup generates its revenue once its up and running.. i was asked this Q in an interview at a startup but i was not able to answer it. some help please..

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  3. Some people look at it as going back to the Oregon trail Days .But i see it as another way in moving money or something that can collect appreciation .

  4. Working the stock market in watching the News keep you on point . That's why I'm so big on security now when dealing with these apps ,

  5. At the time tech crunch Tc came around I was getting hacked Even when dealing with crypto coin in Minecraft ,in other crypto coin i had to take my time to really understand how things with crypto worked . Like you depositing some money in the bank loaning your deposit to the next person in collect the interest off your money , And how 5he bank just getting a picce 9f paper from the US government saying how much they worth without actually reposting the M . More to it . But crypto just another way i.

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