BTC/CRYPTOCURRENCY Trading Analysis Update: 1-07-2019. Video 187

This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can …


  1. Thanks for the update. Things are running its course as schedule. Bitcoin has firmly crossed into $11,000 level and is quickly on its way to test its next target of $15,000 and when that eventually happens soon enough, the coin will be increasing in value at an alarming rate. What this means for investors is in no time, buying a whole bitcoin would be out of the reach of a higher percentage due to how expensive it would be. What i had been doing for the past 2 months is buying just twice and then day trading which has helped me accumulate almost 4btc. I was able to accomplish this by trading with signals generated by Bento Feliciano which are very easy to use and also very accurate for trades. He is also one of the best analyst and strategist and even though i had my reservations, i was convinced in just my 2nd week of trading due to the results of trading with his signals. I want as many as possible to know about him. bentofeliciano58@gmailcom and tell him i referred you

  2. We are up for the year, for the quarter, for the month, and for the week. You shouldnt look at intra week day changes with panic. We were going balistic, and now we are correcting. Looking at the longer time periods we are still in an up trend. As well as the fact that every iota of other datapoints such as adoption etc. are positive. We are definitely bullish, but in a more stable way that seems to bounce back when it attempts to "moon". I don't require a balistic movement. I am happy with a K or two per month. Mathmatics will increase the rate over time, but at this time, look at the month, not the week. We are doing just fine. Databyter

  3. I enjoy your videos a lot – great work, but can we PLEASE have one video in which you don't go on about how you "called the breakout" back in April. We all know by now that you did, well done, but can we bloody well put it to rest now? Rant over.

  4. In my HUMBLE opinion: Bitcoin is like an airplane taking off. I really don't see the point of us trading seats expecting to get extra gains compared to other (stupider) traders. The only risk I see is in trading itself because your Bitcoin will be on some "trusted" exchange and not on your Ledger where it is safe. I'll be taking my seat now. I just wish you kids stopped running around with excitement because it will be a long ride and all of us will get there when we get there. It will be a shame if somebody tripped and fell and broke his face! Do let me know if my thinking is flawed!

  5. Just a bunch of FOMO followed by uncertainty and pulling out. I will hodl until summer 2021 and see what the post halving does. Once it gets to 40-50k very few will be able to afford a BTC and the volume will have more stability being driven by institutional money, not FOMO by 16yo boys. Then everyone will ask why they didn’t hold

  6. I reckon it's healthy to have a cool off period, $3.1k blowing off at $14k and then cooling to $8-10k before the next upleg is healthy enough. I remember 2017 where we went up to $5k and cooled to $3k before continuing (much) higher

  7. Thanks Sami. I noticed the lower highs on the hourly and I appreciate your education. I really hope we break the neck line and go down to gain some stability. Can you you please remind me of the trading book you recommended a few weeks ago??

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