BTC/CRYPTOCURRENCY Trading Analysis Update: 11-05-2019. Video 164

This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can reach 20k again and if we will be …


  1. Nobody is talking about the reason for that immense senseless pump..Just for you some insider news..Bitcoin is pumping because of hackers..Not just that binance hack, but because of many other trojans which were sent out to hack accounts..Many users had to buy themselves out with bitcoins..So the transactions and prices went up…Nothing more nothing less..Wait for the coming dump and washout which will be tremendous..

  2. I’m sure no one will understand or agree with this but ETH “WILL” reach a minimum price target of 372 within the next 30days give or take. Don’t ask why just give me a shout out when it does. Your welcome. Current price ETH 194ish

  3. I think the sudden surge on Bitcoin has to do with Trump's announcement of tariff hike on China one week ago that, news reported that lots of people in China have a hard time turning money into and pulling out USD (due to Yuan dropping), so, it might very be lots of money rushing into Bitcoin from China as an alternative way of capital flight.

  4. It's dickheads like you that got me to short and loose my ass. Stop the brainwashing .. Tone vays said $1000 just to mess with people's mind.. Hate these bears constantly FUDing and manipulating.

  5. Your videos just contradict one another ? One day it’s like we’re going back down then it’s we’re going back up? Sheesh make up your mind it makes you look amateurish

  6. there is a company on AIM market in the UK that mines bitcoins..its share price at all time low at 0.42p..its name is Clear Leisure the ticker is CLP..on monday the price will rocket but if you are quick at 8am you should get in at a good price..

  7. good man. great insight. good that you aknowledged that you were wrongfooted a bit – its what stop losses are all about. im really excited for the summer now . … it could be a bit moony

  8. Appreciate you telling the truth about not knowing what’s next. How could you I thought we’d dump 6.4, than for sure 6950.. now it’s headed back up there. Part of me thinks this might be feathers last run. So they gonna pump it I’m ready to get out in usdc or pax

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