BTC/CRYPTOCURRENCY Trading Analysis Update: 14-11-2019. Video 227

This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can …


  1. this is really becoming complicating let's keep our eyes up or better still you go with an expert traders that are well experienced in the market to avoid loses.

  2. All coin holder is waiting on a whale to make them rich. Lmao. It's like some unknown people telling you over over again buy buy buy this data and you will be go to moon rich rich rich. Every one is waiting for a big whale. And that whale will make you 2x,3x in no time. Wake up wake till all miners done selling and hard hard to put more coin to market. They put more coin to market faster than demand. News come every day telling us will be to moon.but ……….. Something is wrong here . Very wrong. I will buy and hold it but not now not this 8k for a data.

  3. nice video, thanks for sharing. I think, everbody is waiting for the btc price to drop to buy more. There was a charter here in youtube, he consistently was saying btc will drop below 3k, made bunch of charts, and I told him, it is better to buy now, he missed all the game to 13k.. Now I am saying the same, the same people are waiting for btc to come to 6k, but it wont!

  4. 5:39 wow that is a tight range. Did this work out for you? Obviously the thinking was correct, but we had to have come pretty close to that stop loss…. love your vids by the way please keep them coming!

  5. There is not enough pain we wil have a huge dump. A dump that no one wil expect and put us in depression. Too many moonboys now they have to get out and i believe it is around the 6k level.

  6. Considering my bearish bias on BTC 14k – 18k is “potentially” probable in the short term believe it or not (I may get some flak for that prediction but oh well). But if this 14k – 18k happens without an “AGGRESSIVE” follow through “WITH VOLUME” to obliterate 20k and never return, I would be almost 95% confident that BTC will breach/test “a” previous base and 75% confident of a 1k BTC. You all may challenge this comment as you wish. But the charts are spewing a bearish trajectory and its only a matter of “when” the price returns to a previous base to recharge. Last base was 3.1k pryor base 6.3k. Trade safe guys 😁 Napolean M. BTC Currently Trading @ 8541 today’s date Nov 14, 2019 O yea and the 5560 boys are still patiently waiting lol

  7. Man I love the bear sentiment that everyone seems to be forming. I hope more and more shorts are piling in to give Bitcoin a nice propelled shot up to $9500. Good news.

  8. You are aware that we have quite a strong BULLISH divergence on the 4hrly which spans all the way from the 08/11 till today??? This could be why we have been registering lower lows which vary very little one from the other

  9. There's not a lot of momentum with the bears YET that's the keyword. The market is at a breaking point right now that's why and bears and bulls are going at fighting to determine the exact direction but once that direction is solidified we will either see a big move up or a huge bearish momentum dump down. So just because momentum is slow doesnt mean bears are weak.

  10. You know how you and some others use ByBit a lot? Well I noticed that on there when I make limit orders they will go down to nothing but my order then some will fill back in and it will all leave again and mine is all that's still there, it repeats for quite some time before the order is actually filled. That happens all the time, which tells me that it's almost all a market making bot used by the site itself, not real traders. On Deribit that doesn't happen, I pretty much never see my order on there by itself. Another site I think does market making is Bitseven. Although the price increments are 50 cents the buy and sell top prices are always $1 apart, not 50 cents. That wouldn't happen if it was mostly real traders. They would try to get in the top spot so it would always be 50 cents spread like Bitmex and other sites always are. Deribit may be the only one that's real traders mostly. They also stay very close to index price because funding is constant, not just every 8 hours, so there's no avoiding it. On sites with funding, they'll just go way off index price regularly because they know they'll just close all trades before the funding time if it's against them. Since Deribit is the only site that does the constant funding, they may be the only one that stays anywhere near index price.

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