BTC/CRYPTOCURRENCY Trading Analysis Update: 15-03-2020. Video 282

This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can reach 20k again and if we will be …


  1. I go again, your greatest fear is your greatest fall. Now is the best time to buy bitcoin and trade. Bitcoin trading has been the best thing that I’m happy for,making %30 of my profit is not a joke,

  2. The failing hedge has not been disproven imo, gold is the uberlord of hedge and also fell at the same time. If you look at 2000 and 2008 gold and silver plummet for 1 year until they recovered drastically. Crypto is too fluctuating though to be first choice but should do well when gold and silver kick in possibly after 6 months. Nice video good clean objective view.

  3. I am not even a good trader and I increased my hodl by 20%…honestly if anyone had been paying attention to the markets around the world prior to this dump, the virus news etc., the S&P 500 futures were trading 4.7% lower before the open I just went to cash at $7800 and got back in dollar cost averaging on the way down not even shorting…(if I new how to short I would have) and actually almost caught the bottom with my order at $3806 the exchange locked up for 15 minutes and then opened at $4800, but I did at least get the $4800 just prior to that 30 minute finale capitulation…so even tho I didn't actually get filled I felt great about actually putting an order in at the bottom…

  4. Man this aint no shake out…the world is in panic mode..people r stacking up on good old CASH…its simple as that ..i am hard core into crypto an been in it from 2016…and i even sold sum of my holdings to get sum cash this will continue there is more downside to come ..these r the times when u can make hundreds..thousands or millions depend on how big is your pocket…an if u r not your holdings and u can double up without putting in a penny dont shit there an watch it go down

  5. I think Coronavirus is just an excuse for everything that happens. put everything to the Virus's fault. I am not surprised if this whole situation was intended and has been orchestrated step by step for a long time.

  6. It's not pumping anytime soon, even gold dumped hard. Let the dust settle and gold will start rallying and we will see if btc rallies with it or remains buried with the stock market before rising.

  7. still going lower retest the swing low hit the liquidity below that at least bear markets don' t go out with bang, they go end with a whimper, looking for a higher low on the 12 monthly candles, thats where ill bet the house we going back to test top of the range 10k + time frame next 12 months

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