BTC/CRYPTOCURRENCY Trading Analysis Update: 18-09-2021. Video 568

This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can reach all time highs again and if …


  1. Omg, OMG $Bhat token is going to bring revolution not only in the crypto industry but also in the freelancing industry once they release their crypto accepted marketplace. This is huge.

  2. Watching your video today on Monday 20th makes it so irrelevant there's a blood bath in the markets. I'm sure if you have leveraged you have been wiped out.

  3. Bullish or BS? You have given out your analysis for millions of people to follow. Look at what happened with your confidence? Falling wedge pattern? Damn… this is a FALL OUT. Not a falling wedge staircase.

  4. The fundamental reasons for the growth of bitcoin

    – Limited issuance (some of which is lost);

    – Taking a large portion of Bitcoin out of circulation (huge demand – no supply = growth);

    – Acceptance of Bitcoin at the state levels;

    – Accumulation of a large portion of Bitcoins in the large fund's hands ( Bitcoin is a very interesting asset for them);

    – Continuous dollar issuance (a variant of the fact that it's not bitcoin that's growing, but the dollar that's depreciating);

  5. <very informative video you have here, there are several reasons why investment advisors and high net worth investors including major Banks are recognising the benefits of Bitcoin in their strategic asset allocation. Key among them are portfolio diversification, the upside potential versus other assets, and future adoption potential with others like ETFs. (countries like Germany are taking the lead already). So far my trading experience has been awesome for years with the teachings of career trader Kelly Clinton who has been my portfolio strategist. I started with little over 4BTC, so far i've accumulated more than 6BTC..

  6. I feel there are more to this market than we know. Ask for a proper guidance before
    !nvesting in this pretty much complicated market. I've made over 38 b tc from an allocation of 15 b tc over the last 8 months using David Wong help. Things might get worse so just make the smarter move

  7. <After a short-term period of sideways price action, Bitcoin is edging back to its recent multi-month and may soon be back to levels last seen in early-to-mid May of this year. While this resistance may hold at the first attempt, the overall positive mood in the market is likely to see repeated attempts if the initial effort fails. So choosing the right strategy is very important when diving into Crypto, in other words it is important to have a plan! Bitcoin trading is a lucrative opportunity as it leverages the market volatility, Daniel a renowned trader that is way ahead of his time. Daniel Wright runs a program for people who want to earn from the bull run by trading.

  8. you might, but many will not hold the bag for you to have a pop up. I am pretty sure BITCOIN will be under $20,000 sooner than you think. Imagine something made up out of nothing like a tulip, then hype and morons needed to push the price up so you can get out and they get left holding he bag. Also why would governments and reserves want competition? I am sure these HIDDEN CURRENCIES will be outlawed. Crypto means hidden

  9. Great video I like your energy and professionalism in your videos. I just miss the days when you used to make videos to talk about other people's success stories and the steps they took to achieve what they got. One of my all-time favorites was when you spoke about Darragh Ryan.. who Left his job in Bloomberg and put his knowledge into cryptocurrencies and made it big. as a newbie, I reached out to him and I must say a big thank you to you because he has been of great help to me with his knowledge, his detailed projections and breaks down of price action, and a positive return on cap mindset that has helped me avoid mistakes and get better returns. It will be great if you can start a segment like that again and also invite guests too. I feel like this will also help people know the right person to use and to avoid getting scammed by all these fakes out here. And if y'all would like to work with he is available

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