BTC/CRYPTOCURRENCY Trading Analysis Update: 23-04-2020. Video 305

This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can reach 20k again and if we will be …


  1. What are all these suspicious messages on here….use "so-and-so so's" strategy to guarantee profitable trading…contact him on what's app etc?? I've seen these types of posts all over the place on YT crypto trading channels? Can someone tell me…These are scams right??

  2. I will help people I had fuck all the only reson i coment on your videos draw al you lines you want ….. i dont think anyone as more BTC than me other than sotoshji .. my best is fucked over by a bitch
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  3. Setting up perfect for the bears…rejection at 60 on the daily RSI right when we reach the macro downsloping trend line. Unless something changes…the power of the market in no way showing enough strength to break a two year trend.

  4. I told you look at my videos comments your al;l mad…. will it end bad? iv been in BTC longher than you have from the start.. bitcoin i put 100£ in to BTC in 2008 .. no you didnt.. yes i did 2008 BTC came out in 2009 NO one kenew about it… Ill tell you all where its goingf.. it wasnt ment for this .. i can put it to whare i want it to the penny

  5. The Bitcoiin price has skyrocketed by more than IO percent over the last 24hours, reaching an intraday high of 7,7OOusd on the Gemini exchange. Despite giving up a substantial portion of its gains, the leading cryptocurrency is still up by almost six percent on the day. As noted by crypto trader The Crypto Dog, this is the second time when BTC blasted past the 7,5OOusd level this year. Last time the cryptocurrency achieved this feat, it shot up to its 2O2O high of IO,5OOusd in a little over one month. so we might witness more rally till the halving happening in May 2O2O , for now you can only make profit by trading, for me i advice you multiply the little you have with Kentrell's strategy, i was able to make 7bt with I.5bt in 3 weeks with the same strategy, reach him on telegram kentrellroger orWhatsApp+1(2I3)34O-562O–__

  6. Guys. From 16th April up until now, Bitcoin hash rate has dropped "a bit". Last time we started our hash rate drop on 9th March. Shortly after price of BTC went from 7.8k down to 5k. Just for a thought

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