BTC/CRYPTOCURRENCY Trading Analysis Update: 29-03-2020. Video 291

This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can …


  1. I liked your honest words at the end of the video. Great approach, trying to grow from this experience and also using your platform to give some well meant advice to the people… Best wishes from Germany.

  2. The adoption of digital currency is vastly becoming about tracking and the eradication of privacy via the digital Yuan, Dollar etc.. Open interest in BTC is going up, though most know the price WILL go down before it goes up. The Govs want to fly through their own digital currency before the masses inevitably learn that decentralization is the only way forward. Internal mnutes from a meeting between Trump and Mnuchin have recorded the discussion of adoption of BTC into USA FED reserves. The markets will react dramatically and there will be a big move for BTC in coming weeks/months, my opinion.. down first, to very low lows then up, up, and away… (personal opinion)
    Thanks for the mention of prisoners, awaiting sentencing for a silly crime since 2017 and already mental health issues, quite serious which will not be taken into consideration. I've been self teaching trading since Nov 2019, stacking BTC since 2016… The courses like yours I need to further my own education, are seemingly way beyond the horizon being hindered by the legal process. Which, considering I am not going against any charge, should have been dealt with over 2 years ago. Already spent time in prison because of the bail conditions so know what its like, but to drag my life and potential positive and profitable hobby, maybe career (who knows) out this long because of their incompetence is beyond me. They stop you living a good life after the bad times of your life, only to get better, reform yourself ready to begin a REAL life… then decide to throw you in jail, which only sets you right back on course to the life you had alwsys known. (Sorry for the rant but personal case and took the opportunity to express my distress at the 'system' in general).

  3. I do think tho that it is not comparible with the 2017 bullrun in terms of hedging. at that point the market was totaly diffrent and not that much dominated by the big investors, you now got wallstreet and shit. Besides that, the ressesion at that point had way more focus and fear by people then it has now as everything is focused on corona. Back then there was big fear for the economy to colapse in combination with the extreme media exposure from bitcoins bullrun. All that interest in bitcoin has gone in the bigger picture. I think it is a matter of time people gonna buy bitcoin again when it becomes clear the chance of the economy colapsing this time is even bigger and bitcoin would turn out to be an alternative again for a whole new economy system. I think that was the main reason for people to hedge it, not just for its underlying worth/potential, but as a alternative currency.

  4. My appetite? I wont be hungry for Bitcoin until it goes below $1,000. I expect a low around $500. That is the area of the 4th wave correction on the way up… before the fifth wave took it to 20K.

  5. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but prices don't fall off dramatically due to panic selling alone. You have people in leveraged positions who get stopped out and it creates a cascade of long squeezes. It only takes one big whale dump to set it off sometimes. Or so it seems to me…

  6. BTC is going sideways. Patterns are validated but they are for short term trades. Sideways in the current world state is the best we can ask for.

  7. I too am waiting to enter my short because it looks to me like we may pump up to form a right shoulder on the 4 hr. before a more severe dump. Thanks for sharing your analysis!

  8. time to buy is when everyone as left and it gets boring the average monthly candle is 27% and april the 1st is a fun month in BTC always as been… 9k coming

    and it does not take a lot to move BTC the books are thinner than paper belive it or not it was harder to move BTC in 2018 than it is now $1000 pumps, dumps were never seen, last year we saw them a few times, gdax had 100,000s of coins its books back then, now they are lucky if it has 500

    kerby is wright in saying no one will waste money they need on BTC, but it was mum and dad investors that took BTC to 20k

  9. Hey Forflies I really like your analysis and hearing you talking. But I think BTC is completely tied to the overall stock market these days. And times are super volatile. In the DJ we saw the biggest moves in history in a series – up and down. So I do focus on stocks, indicies, gold, silver, platin and currencies like EUR/USD during these times. I think the chances are much better here (with lower manipulation risk) to ride the big trends. BTC and Crypto are just followers of the overall markets.

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