Buy Cryptocurrency on Binance USA – Updated Surf Shark VPN

READ ME: Binance NOW requires ID Verification no matter what on their platform. USE ALL INFO in this video, except sign up …


  1. Thanks Luke love the video hey question what happens when you want to withdraw money/profits and they need to do a KYC?? At that point they find out you are US citizen aren’t you screwed then to get your money back??

  2. I have been trading crypto since Dec 2019 and wish I had Luke's video back then. This is probably the most concise instructions on how to buy crypto and creating accounts on the net. Thumbs up Luke.

  3. Luke. It does not work! I spent a lot of time setting up this process only to find that Binance requires more KYC to deposit EOS. It requires that I have to include name, B Day etc. The process on this video does not work. You should take this video down for now.

  4. I followed this method, however once I tried to transfer crypto from another wallet it stated that I need to provide personal verification before I can transfer. Has something changed?

  5. Has Binance had an update? I’ve followed this video twice and with each account when I go to deposit the EOS using the Fiat and Spot wallet it’s asking for verification.

  6. common bro it's not working, it's asking for personal Id verification. when I set up my location in Spain using VPN. How do need to give gov Id or passport? you cant get an account using VPN.

  7. So I ran into a new problem. I did everything exactly. But when trying to deposit EOS. It won’t even let you get an address. A red banner comes up saying all new and existing users must complete the identity verification. What should I do now ? Can you make a video for Gemini possibly??

  8. im trying to deposit into my account and wont let me without personal verification like a license and stuff, i got this far now this is the only thing preventing me from using binance, how do i bypass this? thanks!

  9. hello, good video. i did everything you said but at the moment to deposit funds into binance it dont let me even see the deposit address until i verify my identity…. what now?

  10. Hey Luke I followed your steps but binance is asking for basic info in order for me to transfer crypto onto the account. They’re asking for my nationality first name last name and birth date. Any suggestions?

  11. Excellent video but I think you forgot to address the issue where existing Coinbase accounts (even with SurfShark activated in a different country) cannot purchase EOS as it remains Untradable*.

    Should I somehow make a new Coinbase account or change the country of my New York created Coinbase account?

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