Buying Cryptocurrency At The Wrong Time? Sell Top Altcoins?

Selling Altcoins? Having Bitcoin to buy into some altcoins much lower is great for project accumulation. The dominance chart is key. Remember your risk …


  1. Its all tax implications , i've taken profits to live off for the next few years already this year, so i'm fine with just holding and staking top altcoins whatever happens for now, they will come back overtime, and thats just how I accept the situation.

  2. This economic crisis is just a time that differentiate the wise from the other, the wise will invest right now either in stock or cryptocurrency just to hold some shares.

  3. For right now just move to bitcoin because the dominance of bitcoin will become bigger. when btc ath we move to alts, because btc dominance will drop…the merket will move from btc to alts. Am i right?

  4. I don't depend on the Government anymore…Been a single parent can be tough on you, but since I found out about Crypto trading and invested, I've had to relax a bit more than I would've thought

  5. It seems that commentator is promoter of bitcoin.dont sell your Altcoins.retailors can earn gains only through Altcoins. Don't try to buy bitcoin or discourage buying bitcoin.The future is altcoin

  6. Whales won’t inflow from alts > btc
    They’ll pump Doge > LTC > BTC (using mimble wimble)

    Doge merged with LTC mining a while back so it’s all plumbed
    And ready to facilitate large transfer of money from one to the other

  7. I watch your videos and think what you say re dominance makes sense, but then I look at the BTC pairs for every alt and I'm down on every coin.

    I've been trading all year, not buying just in 2020 when btc dominance is high, so is it fair to say this approach only works if buying at high btc dominance?

  8. But what about the alts that we did not take profit in already and that are already correcting low now such as GRT, Do you still think to sell GRT now for bitcoin ? Because you think GRT and other alts will not rise up as bitcoin rises up?

  9. At what level range would you say is considered high Btc dominance and what level is considered low btc dominance? Because you don't want to be selling at the wrong levels do you

  10. How do you recognise coins that decouple early enough, in the charts. There have been a few that stand out, theta, polygon, for example. But if you hold these, flipping them into BTC might actually not yield a better return. In USD or BTC.

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