Cardano Founder Makes Outstanding Moves (Bullish Moves For 4th Largest Crypto)

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  1. Is it just me or am I seeing a lot of pics of Charles Hoskinson out and about not working. Surely to lead a multi billion dollar company you would not have that much free time. Something has always been off to me about Ada.

  2. This is the first video I ever watched for this channel, and sadly the last ever because of how this guy voiced his stupid views about a company like Tesla and the false accusations on Elon. Stole ideas?? Sounds like something Jeff Bezos would say, Elon might be arrogant but this guy did more this week than you have ever done in your entire life. Stirred the industry around ideas deemed impossible by (probably) people like this guy. The talent in Tesla as a company and as a mission has been far more evolutionary than any other company in the span of 10 years only. And the other guy saying faking it till they make it, what kind of uneducated group is this?

  3. Ada holders are in loss.

    Charles Hoskinson don’t care about ada price.

    He just want to make his Ada big and popular around the world with cheap rate Like china goods .
    With cheap rate Looks good and strong but not in reality.
    Over hyped
    45 billion ada will be turns into shit coin very soon.
    may be around this January. reason is probably most coin goes very high in this November and December except ada .
    Holders will be
    Ada commando
    Xrp army !
    Too funny!!!

  4. Problem is since smart contracts launch, have you used it? Never mind buying the coin, actually using the technology. Ada transaction speed (when used) is acceptable, but smart contracts are malfunctioning. I made NFTs, my project was left stranded for weeks on github, not ;verified; this is because smart contracts for NFTs are not actually in operation. Plus, their planned DEX crashed and burned. Needs work is an understatement. As my grandmother used to say, 'All fur coat, no knickers'. Use it to understand.

  5. SHIBA INU!!! Holding 500 Million coins at an average of $0.00000640! Lets go baby!
    Ben – the comments on Elon are a bit harsh no? Good for him, he sold PayPal and got involved with Tesla. Took it over and leveraged ALL his money to keep both Space X and Tesla afloat when he was facing bankruptcy. Ended up being the richest person on earth for his gamble and hard work. Give the man some fucking credit… He is making rocket tech better and space flight more affordable no? I get his EGO can be annoying especially in the crypto market but his cars are incredible and I'm still a fan. He brought huge media and retail attention to Bitcoin and you cant take that from him or us as a crypto community.

  6. Guys please have Sean Benson on! Amazing content creator with almost 200k following! Just released his Cardano NFT with game that offers high proft potential!

  7. I’m loving Ben’s matter of fact perspective on how the world really works. Bout time we see a big YT channel just come out and say it like it is – everything is rigged and controlled in this world, including BTC and the “decentralized” finance.

  8. Love muscle cars but Ben, you better watch some street videos and racing videos with Teslas vs. Lambos. Specifically the off the floor plaid. Your lambo stance vs. Electric is sounding quite Schiff'esq.

  9. aaaaaaaand BTC crashes to 58k and ADA dumps to $1.80 right after the show…..
    Go ahead and listen to folks talk about all-time-highs but never forget to set your stop-loss limits folks!

  10. All I know is this gon go much much higher real soon Awesome post Elon is gonna start Accepting WEChain & ADA soon i must say. Crypto is moving with little sign of not stopping throughout the past few days and week

  11. I am involved in both clean tech and crypto. I didn’t appreciate the impact of Elon’s comments on the market but Tesla is a fantastic company making a huge difference and helping a while sector transition to low emissions. Please stay focussed on your great work and stop demonising Tesla.

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