Crazy 78% Win Rate Proven Trading Strategy Revealed – ADX + BB %B + AO + EMA

Here is a 78% win rate trading strategy tested 100 times and proven to be effective in this test. This was tested on the Ethereum 6 …


  1. Interesting strategy !! If I would use it with EURUSD for exemple, witch value for horizontal line seem have sens to use in Awesome Oscillator ? I mean, horizontal line at 2 is away ! Someone can help me ?

  2. I think I've watched this video 4 times now, and I've been playing around a wee bit with the targets. What I'm hoping you will do is a update video on what tweaks you would do and how the numbers changed. Great videos and I watched your live Q&A, your a lucky fella. Keep up the good work.

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  5. venturing into the trading world without the help of a proffesionl trader and expecting profit is like turing water into wine,

    you would need a miracle, thats why i trade with Mrs sonia her skills set exceptional

  6. which awesome oscillator are you using? by whom? I am working with the default AO but it presents much differently than yours. Scale range is different as well as your values appear to be limited as the bars are all cutoff.

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