Crypto Bill Update India – Prime Minister Modi Ji To Decide Crypto Fate In India

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  1. Kay chutiya panti hae… sala mera main jaha marzi lagao… sala jab profit ho.. to gov. Apna tax lene aa jayage.. or jab dubega to paise dene to aao… tabhi to india itna piche reh gaya…

  2. mujhe nahi lagta 100x se return ghat jayega…agar regulate hua to ye so called stock investor wale bhi ayenge…kam se kam apna 10% portfolio crypto mein layenge…agar ye hua to samajh lo aam admi kya karega….tab to bhar bhar k ayenge….and then 100x nahi 10000x par jayega….mila lena meri baat ko….and also i heard Mr. Anil Shinvi who is the best host of stock trading in zee business he also said that definitely he will invest in crypto after understanding this and after regulation

  3. If they just want to stop money laundering or terror funding etc, private wallets ban or exchange to exchange transfer ban doesn't make any sense.

    Tell me, even if somebody has a lot of illegal crypto, at the end of the day he will encash it into a bank account only. And bank accounts are always KYC verified, so money can be easily tracked.

    No, money laundry or terror funding are just excuses to limit an every day joe from being able to invest and earn. Government and Indian CEXs want total monopoly.

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