Kurt Russell (The Hateful Eight) and Alexis Bledel (“The Handmaid’s Tale”) highlight this gripping, timely cyber-thriller. When big- …


  1. In a world….. where Eeyore takes the form of a man who is living the life of a high risk, fast action banker, comes a film from a guy who once shook the hand of Jerry Bruckheimer, with bad guys you don't even hate, a bipolar schizophrenic art gallery director who shoots up and speaks likes shes at Alice in Wonderland's tea party, family history nobody cares about, a cold snap, bad farming, collusion with Russia and Bitcoin! On a side note, I hope there's a sequel.

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  3. omg, such a bad movie it is not even funny. music and sound effects just terrible and not even mixed right. Played load over the voice actors and could not even here the dialog much of the time. Just not good. What was Kurt thinking?

  4. So does this movie help spread crypto adoption? Maybe…Any press is good press…It's very interesting to see the very first crypto movie from Hollywood.

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