Cryptocurrency Fundamental Analysis in Tamil Crypto Tamil

FundamentalAnalysis #Cryptocurrency #CryptoTamil #Bitcoin In this video, I have explained the steps involved in performing a …


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  2. bro.. how do I analysis a cryptocurrency performance. for example if i need to analysis stock, I check P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statement. SO is any data available for it. by the by i am new to crypto. so please clarify my doubt

  3. I would like to tell thank you so much for the videos which you make all Crypto beginners invest and thr fund into good projects and gain profit. And also you taught us to gain more knowledge in the crypto market, 😍 always our 💚love and support 🤝 will be thr from our side.

  4. Thanks bro good information 🙏 ple if possible to share some information for which is good coin for longterm midterms , short term, if will help many new traders next video and your person holding coins

  5. Bro I need UMI coin ur analysis I already staking this coin so plz reply

    YouTube channel available
    Twitter ac available
    Telegram community available

    But plz check ur said plz reply

    Coin name UMI ( universal money instrument )

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