Cryptocurrency Market Crash 2022!?! BTC, ETH, FTM, MANA, ATOM Price Prediction

Cryptocurrency Market Crashing?! Bitcoin & Ethereum Price Prediction, Altcoins defying the trend, and an overall look at the …


  1. Thanks for the TA Tom, im looking for that 37,300 target before moving higher, we just broke down again & these last few months have definitely shook a lot of people out. Everyone is scared and calling for much lower prices, similar to may/june. Eitherway it seems like a great time to dca in for investors and i just added some to the hodl account at 42k, will look again at 37,300.

  2. people don't learn … it's so simple .only one rule buy each dip slowly till bottom . Hold longest. Remb…when you sell, smart people buy 😉 That's why they rich and people who sell are poor… haha Just think why does graph go up and down even now… coz even now someone out there is buying… simple as that . All you need is some balls

  3. What do you think about LRC? I think it's a coin with great future technology behind it and while waiting for the Game Stop partnership announcement I believe that it will rise in the future especially when the max supply is reached and LRC is needed to trade on the market place. I am still holding and hoping for the best. But you seem very knowledgeable about the whole topic so what is your advice?

  4. Great video Tom, CHSB/ETH and CHSB/BTC looks good on the DMI and its possibly broken out of it's downward sloping resistance in it's ETH pair, they have had bullish news today on their website, just thought i'd put it on your personally radar, not quite as impressive as FTM though,. Fab video, Best J x

  5. Dude your voice is so awesome. It’s super relaxing and needed in times like these. I watched your channel yesterday as it was going down and it really helped call me down as I am new to the space.

  6. GOAT! I trust this guy more than any other YouTuber. He doesn’t “influence”, just gives you some straight up TA. Everyone needs to be really careful with who they listen to.

  7. Good news about the new Italian Bank 🏦 getting involved in Bitcoin and crypto.

    David Burkett upcoming Litecoin upgrade could be significant too. ✈️

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