Cryptocurrency Profit Taking Strategy: Initial Investment Out, When to Take Profits in the Bull Run?

Cryptocurrency Profit Taking Strategy: Selling in Chunks – When to Take Profits in the Bull Run? In this video I talk about how to take profits in a cryptocurrency …


  1. Taking profits in any investment is easy – you sell ONLY when the price is higher than when you bought the item.
    So if you bought a coin at $100 and the price is $110 (up 10%) you move $10 of coin out of your trading account and into a wallet and never touch that coin profit.

    If the $100 goes up from $110 to $120 then you repeat the process.
    The coins you move offline cost you nothing and you can hold them for a generation for long-term gains.

  2. My big and serious request to you brother. Actually Only you are the person i most trusted on youtube related to crypto issues. Actuallay I want to ask you that how to invest in Revolotto?
    Revolotto is now a days getting famous in crypto world. So can i invest in it? And how can we make money by revolotto?? Its a new coin launched and listed on coin market cap. And some people are saying that revolotto would overcome bitcoin. So plz make a brief video of guidance toward revolotto token as soon as possible.

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