'Cryptocurrency Trading & Robo Investing With SwissBorg Co-Founder & CEO Cyrus Fazel'

‘Cryptocurrency Trading & Robo Investing With SwissBorg Co-Founder & CEO Cyrus Fazel’ With retail crypto trading and wealth …


  1. Awesome interview! Swissborg is one of the fastest growing altcoins and they are having an airdrop. I earned 150 CHSB (Swissborg token) in 1 day by using their Community app. The app is having massive growth and massive adoption, huge potential. Those tokens I earned in a matter of minutes are worth $15 today, but the price can realistically grow x10. I recommend you check out this airdrop before it ends. Swissborg is killing it.. their charts are off the roof.

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  2. as eco-system member, I love the idea to contribute to the success of Swissborg (beside doing an excellente bargain with this CHSB token multiple advantage : As you Cyrus, I'm deeply convinced that the Human is the concrete new power of business success in this digital era!

  3. Good to know that Cyrus is in the first 100…I used to be in that position too once…climbing back up slowly. Hope I will get back there before the end of the competition.

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