Earn ₹2000 – ₹10000 Daily from Crypto Trading | Two 100% Working Strategies to Earn Money in Crypto

In this video, we will share two strategise you can use earn ₹2000 – ₹10000 in cryptocurrency in India. These two strategies are working and many people are …


  1. This example can help you understand more:
    Suppose you buy at ₹ 77 and sell at ₹78 means ₹1 difference in buy and sell, 1.3% profit.
    If you add 0.2% buy and 0.2% sell charges = 0.4% transaction fee.
    Still you get 0.9% which means on ₹1 lac you may get ₹900 after deducting all expenses.

    Similarly in arbitrage look for at least a gap of 1%, so that transactions fee and transfer fee can be covered and in this you can trade in any cryptocurrency not only usdt.

  2. Heyy sir i saw your video and i now the second method but i never tried because of thinking it may be un safe
    I have some ques about this
    1. How many time we can tranfer into both apps in a day
    2. Is our money will have doing this repeatedly??

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