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  1. Royal Q bot company originated from china , hongkong and we all know how they loot our money in later part, don't go by bot , learn by your own efforts and get profit according to market , news, technology chart, it doesn't show floating loss example if 100 to 99 , it will buy then again 99 to 90 it will buy and sell for 1 $ profit , from 90 to 91 but actually floating loss is 8 which it won't show you, again put effort and do trading not going by these bots…or don't do trading… that's far better, fyi it's mlm company too , we the strategy as well 🔥, more over Indian government planning for India based crypto only with same block chain technology fyi , because. Private crypto are dangerous for economic growth

  2. Bro inthaa app pathi and antha app settings pathii full detail video podungga bro…. App reviews laa pathaaa … Some people r saying that it's buying at high price and selling at low price….

  3. Market little bit recover now … panic sell pannina total loss .. small pump aagi down aaguthu ..so pump sell panna kooda loss la small amount ah low pannalam . Now market recover little bit

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