Explain Crypto To COMPLETE Beginners: My Guide!!πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«

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  1. 1. Crypto are not currency (yet)
    2. Currency does not gain/lose value by trust in government only
    3. Currency gets its value from the underlying economy
    4. Crypto doesn’t have an underlying economy yet, thus they are an asset, not a currency
    5. Hold your horses, I love crypto. I’m invested and I see a bright future where they can become currency (like BTC in El Salvador)

  2. Good one mate. That reminds me how Jordan Peterson advised me to trade my asset rather than holding for a future based on speculations. Trading went smooth for me as I was able to make over 7.1 BTC after I started at 2.9 BTC in just few weeks implementing trades with signals and insights from Jordan Peterson methods

  3. The best decision I ever made in my life was Investing in financial market trust me guys it pays alot and I have come to realize that trading bitcoin is more profitable than holding it and waiting for it to skyrocket

  4. I hold high respect for your work mate because you're pointing people in the right direction. If there's one thing I've learnt recently is to remain calm especially when it comes to investment in cryptocurrency.
    Let's not panic and sell when when everything goes down and do not buy in euphoria when everything goes up. I advise everyone to forget predictions and start making profits now because future valuations are all speculations and guesses. The trade market is unstable and you can't easily tell if it's going bullish or bearish.
    While Myself and my colleagues are trading without fear of incurring loses, others are being patient for the price of skyrocket. It all depends on the pattern you follow.
    Thanks to Mrs Stephanie for her trading tips, she's the best broker I've ever come across.

  5. Nice video, your beginner's analysis is the best. Trading is hard for all newbies but after listening to you I allowed the renowned Ms Madelyn Donald handle my trade due to her experience and since then I haven't regret listening to you.

  6. The best way to find growth stocks, key features to keep in mind is as follows: 1. Ensure gross margins are greater than 50% 2. Ensure P/E ratio is less than 100 3. Buy companies that are PROFITABLE, very important irrespective of sector. 4. Debt to equity ratio is less than 30% 5. Current ratio is above 1 6. and a Float under 100 million One stock that fits the bill is FLGT (Fulgent)

  7. Thank you!… you did a very good job at straying away from certain lingos and urban words and if you did, you right away acknowledged it and explained it in more detail. I watched a couple other videos and they kept forgetting that new means new and would skip important details and just blurt out random words that were key details that shouldn't be missed.

  8. Β«<Why retail sentiment is worse at 47k than
    30k as that all these analysts assured retail
    that BTC would hit six figures by end of Dec
    and that Q4 is always bullish. As that didn't
    happen retail felt "betrayed' and until BTC
    'proves' itself they will stay away. For the
    smart money this gives us a window of
    opportunity to trade & stack more BTC, ETH,
    XRP etc. For me I trade with crypto analyst
    and have earned over 1,6btc lately.
    You too should try. just saying!

  9. you are using computers to create a 'memory-palace'

    a controllable lucid dream-state


    an artificial-brain

    in an imagined dimension


    mid-point between you and..


  10. "PAX GOLD, each coin is backed by physical Gold stored in London Vaults".

    Yet weren't these the same people from this country that REFUSES TO RETURN BACK, FEW TONES OF GOLD THAT BELONGS TO VENEZUELA???…πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ€¦…
    No Thank You!.

  11. This is a great video, i learn a lot watching your videos and it has been helpful to me.
    Trading is quite difficult for newbies . thanks to Madelyn Donald for improving my portfolio with your trading signal.

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