Explosive VWAP Trading Strategy For Scalping & Day Trading Stocks (For Beginners)

Discover the best day trading & scalping VWAP trading strategy, to trade pullbacks on the stock market. In this video you’ll learn: • How to make money trading …


  1. This was a great video. The question I have is why does my VWAP on Think or Swim have 3 lines while yours only has one? How do I make it so i have only a single Vwap line.

  2. It's really amazing how you condense such valuable information in short videos. Things that people would take an hour to explain is summarized in a clear and beautiful motion graphics with a pleasant soundtrack. Congratulations ! Claps, claps!

  3. how sad 95 percent of the trader can trade indicators but 5 percent can understand the behavior of the market and interpret it. thats why we loss many times…..

  4. when you say, "trade with the market bias". Do you just mean to trade with the SPY / QQQ or whatever sector it is in? For instance, if SPY is on an uptrend, we should only look for long setups on VWAP?

    I have been backtesting this on the 8 stocks I pick every day only picking the candlesticks with good price pattern, and even though there's only a few per day, the win rate is very high! Thanks for this!

  5. so when scalping with vwap , what are the indicators best to use with for enterring rebounds , rsi cci? or is there something elese works relaly good with vwap for entree

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