This video serves as an introduction to cryptocurrency trading. It looks into what Blockchain is, uses and applications, but focuses more on the idea of …


  1. Many Bitcoin analysts agreed that Bitcoin would stop rallying after its price hits $14,500. The cryptocurrency looked overbought on medium-term timeframes, a technical alert that typically amounts to a downside correction. But the bearish calls took a backseat on Thursday as Bitcoin extended its upside above $14,500, now trading above the $15,000-level and more explosive upward swing are yet to come, it is pertinent to hold more than a handful of the coins so as to exploit the upcoming bull run. I trade daily to accumulate and increase my holdings and I plan to continue doing so because I copy vicente sanz's trade signal and with the aid of his trade signals I have been able to accumulate 18 btc in just 6 months. He is good at what he does and I can vouch for the accuracy of his trade signals meanwhile vicente comes in highly recommended and can be reached on WhatsApp (+44 7380 353818) and Telegram (vicentesanz) for any crypto-related inquiries you might have for him.

  2. These scammers lie when they promise that, for a fee or a donation to a specific charity, they will recover the money you lost, or the prize or product you never received. They use a variety of lies to add credibility to their pitch: some claim to represent companies or government agencies; some say they're holding money for you; and others offer to file necessary complaint paperwork with government agencies on your behalf. Still others claim they can get your name at the top of a list for victim reimbursement this and alongside many other woes i passed through as well myself my dear its nothing to be ashamed of it all comes to us at a certain time only few are able to steer clear. this is a very modern age we should be more wise. I was able to recover a chunk part of my loss and still recovering through the help of mr rodney you can place a contact to him on his telegram @RodneyG0 i invested better with his aid.

  3. I learnt about cryptocurrency November 2010, finally got in at about June 2011. I lost so much to scammers and trading, I gave up on crypto until I met Mr Tommy. I never believe in him until I made my first withdrawal then I realized that he's a genuine trader, Tommy is a motivator and an inspiration in all matters of life, he introduced me to a platform i made an investment of $5,000 and today I’m proud to say I make over $24,500 weekly from trading on crypto currencies. Nothing beats working with the right strategy and earning passively. with Tommy strategy you will be successful in trading cryptocurrencies, you can reach him on frankietommy020@gmailcom for trading tips and worry no more about losing your money in trading cryptocurrencies.

  4. One of my best channel here on youtube mate. Cryptos on a surge ones again. This development would definately get crypto holders in a fine mood, not me bro. It's the crypto market, it goes up and down that's just what it's meant to be, personally though I've always favored looking towards the bulk rather than wait and earn in bits, reason I still see trading as the most lucrative opportunity crypo has offered till date, initially though trading was an issue for me owing largely to my inexperience and poor trade placement a, however the last few months have been really revealing, under the guide of trading expert Nathan Webb, I've been able to carry out trading sessions to near perfection using the prolific signals which he provides, Nathan allows one learn even whilst earning big. For strictly crypto inclined challenges Nathan may be connected on Wtspp {+44 7782648398} and telgram *@webbnathan .

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