Gemini Exchange Review & Tutorial 2021: Beginner Friendly Crypto Exchange

In this tutorial, I take you through Gemini Exchange which is ideal for beginners getting started. Plus I explain how to buy Bitcoin …


  1. Thanks for covering this!!!
    I'm excited to use an exchange with cheaper fees & a much wider variety of crypto than Coinbase & Robinhood since I can no longer use Binance. Another thing I'm really enjoying is Gemini's APY offers.

    When I'm really to drop 100, I'll use your link. Good luck!

  2. Great video. Ive just had an email from my UK santander bank to say i can no longer buy crypto with binance (and i tried to deposit just £100 via debit card and it wouldnt allow me! bank transfers are also null so santander and the binance is no longer an option for me in the UK until binance re-apply for FCA) so i was looking for an alternative way to get money from my UK bank account to binance. Im going to transfer my money into gemini now and then transfer an asset like bitcoin from there to my binance account using active trader to keep my fee's down initially. Job done and thank you

  3. I'm on Gemini and I can't figure out if I should keep my money in the trading forum I don't understand this wallet thing and when I tap on the wallet to transfer money to that it has a barcode and I'm afraid to use it because I don't know where the money is going, Plus do you even earn when it's in a wallet or does it have to be on the trading forum to earn? I don't understand any of this obviously

  4. Lose all your money with Gemini. Gemini requires your account be Verified in order to withdraw your funds. Problem is, Gemini won't Verify your account no matter how many times you e-mail them. Gemini will not reply.

  5. It's been 3 weeks and Gemini won't verify my account. I have a bit of money invested in to some trades . I can't withdraw or anything since Gemini won't verify my account. I have tried over 10 times ,I have gotten 0 feedback from Gemini . I am lost and don't know what to do

  6. I have a question, I was wondering if you have the answer. I used gemini to withdraw BTC to Kucoin to transfer into BNB to get safemoon. I did it the first time and my PRIVACY ANALYSIS said “This transaction doesn't violate any of the privacy gotchas we cover”. I did another withdrawal and now it said “Address reuse➚” Will it be bad if i keep using the same wallet address? This is from my Gemini transactions

  7. This was an amazing video and I’ve really learned a lot but I’m new at this and I’ve been having a hard time trading, what platform should I use? Robinhood hasn’t been really helpful

  8. Gemini is the worst exchange I’ve ever used. You may not be able to take your money out once you put it in. Read the reviews on them and do your research. I regret using them.

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